Our story

It is a 56-year-old story of the determined work of a father who knew the 1964 craftsmanship tradition and added this secret to his production line, and the curious brothers who followed him to expand this business. In this journey, a brand new brand has been emerging in the Turkish and world furniture market since 1969, with the establishment of Yılka by Yılmaz Brothers, who combined design trends and the desire for renewal.

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Yılka Luxury Yatak Odaları Banner


The bedrooms, which display a stylish stance in living spaces with their modern lines, add a noble and impressive atmosphere to the spaces they are in!


Dining Rooms

Bring the rhythm of geometric patterns with elegant details to your living spaces with Yılka!


Yılka Luxury Yemek Odaları Banner
Yılka Luxury Koltuk Takımları Banner

Sofa Sets

Bring the breeze of Yılka to your home! While prioritizing comfort in living spaces, it does not compromise on its stylish appearance.


Wall Units

It exhibits a stylish stance in living spaces with its modern line.




Bringing its experience to hotel restaurants and luxury living spaces, Yılka wants to become a brand that makes a sound in the target market with its projects and furniture.


We are constantly improving ourselves to become the brand ambassador of Turkish furniture in the world furniture market.

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