Founded in 1969, Yılka has been trying to preserve its image as an innovative and modern brand of every era by following the design and market trends. Showing a vision ahead of the market both in production and in the world of design, Yılka; carries its experience to every part of living spaces with the projects it has realized in the country and abroad. Working with all its might to be an opinion leader in the furniture industry with its extremely luxurious and elegant product range and distinguished customers, Yılka always aims to set design trends and become the brand ambassador of Turkish furniture all over the world.


In fact, our story is a 56-year-old story of the determined work of a father who knew the 1964 craftsmanship tradition and added this secret to his production line, and the curious brothers who followed him to expand this business. In this journey; Combining design trends and a desire for renewal, Yılmaz Brothers founded Yılka, and a brand new brand has been blooming in the Turkish and world furniture market since 1969. Yılka is growing day by day with its distinguished customer portfolio and mastery symphony carried from tradition to the future. With the solution partnership that it sees in its own unique line, both at home and abroad; The story born in a workshop turns into a huge organization. Bringing its experience to hotel restaurants and luxury living spaces, Yılka wants to become a brand that makes a sound in the target market with its projects and furniture. Today Yılka presents a huge world to its guests with its service quality and product variety.


We aim to increase our brand awareness in the Turkish market and in the target market, to combine experience with technology and to position ourselves in the renewed world. We are proceeding with the road map we have drawn with our expert staff working for this. With the motivation of loving our job, we want to remain the primary choice of comfort, luxury and quality in living spaces.


In order to become the brand ambassador of Turkish furniture in the world furniture market, we frequently improve ourselves, follow the production technologies and channel our experience to provide this entire organization. With the R&D studies we have done; We want to expertly give the most luxurious answers to the requests of our guests.